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My spiritual journey began in 2012 with a gifted Reiki session and that experience started the transformation of my core beingness, to become the Divinity of who I am. The feeling of energy, of my body vibrating, and feeling the existence of so much more than what I could have ever imagined, made me open up to the infinite possibilities of All That Is.

My journey was expedited with the introduction of the Seraphim Blueprint, The Power of Angel Healing.  It was a Seraphim Blueprint healing session that increased my awareness to truly know what feeling energy is, and in fact, it is very real.  During that session, I was touched by an Angel and afterwards, my hands were “activated”.  All I had to do was to think about my hands or just be aware of my hands and energy would begin to swirl in them, vibrating them.  This session changed my life and accelerated my spiritual journey like nothing ever had before.  After that session when I would receive Reiki, my hands would move on their own like a symphony in the air.  I would feel tremendous amounts of energy pouring into me and around me and through me and I knew I was in the flow.  Life was amazing and I began to view it in the most loving way. Everything was beautiful and everything was LOVE.  I came to realize that while I was searching for Love outside of me, Love was actually found inside of me and that the key to life is Love.  Experiencing this feeling of Love that is so pure, I came to know and realize that I am One with God, I am in God, God is in me and We are One.  I knew I needed to know more about the Seraphim Blueprint and a few months later I would do just that.

One by one, I would complete the levels of the Seraphim Blueprint starting with the foundation, Level I, Seraphim Healing, and each level thereafter would enhance and expand my own Divine Blueprint.  After completing all the levels of the Seraphim Blueprint, Levels I through VI, I decided to enhance my spiritual journey once again and I became a Reiki Level 1 practitioner and one month later, a Reiki Level 2 practitioner.  At the time, I believed in order to actively do a healing session, to assist people on their own spiritual journey, I would have to incorporate Reiki into my sessions. I knew that everyone is familiar with Reiki and not many people have heard of, or are aware of, the Seraphim Blueprint yet.

In 2014, I am  humbled and honored to say I became a Teacher of the Seraphim Blueprint and I teach all the Levels, I through VI.  Ruth Rendely, the founder of the Seraphim Blueprint, is my mentor, teacher and friend and I am filled with so much love and gratitude for her and for our Seraph.  No words can be expressed…

In 2015, I became a Soul Reader/Healer. I was trained by Ruth Rendely, based on her book, “Your Multiple Souls, How They Direct Your Creativity, Genius, Complexity, and Moods” and my connection to Babaji, one of my spirit guides and Ruth’s spirit guide.  This work is truly a miracle and to be able to assist others in this way is an unfathomable  blessing and I am always in gratitude.

In the beginning of 2018, I became a Quantum Energy Healer and became certified by David Adelson, my mentor, teacher and friend.  I was given Divine Energies by Divine Mother and trained by David Adelson and Divine Mother to be able to assist and support others in living their most authentic self in the most joyful, loving, healthiest and fullest way ever.  To live in a state of bliss, peace, joy, beauty and love and all good everywhere is truly living Heaven on Earth and it is possible with Divine Mother.  I am always in great service and overwhelming Love working with Divine Mother and assisting others to heal and achieve their fullest potential now.

As my sacred journey started with a Reiki session, it set in motion the synchronistic events that led me to where I am now… a Teacher of the Seraphim Blueprint, doing Soul Readings/Healings and a Quantum Energy Healer working with Divine Mother.  I am truly blessed and filled with so much love and gratitude to be able to do this work and to be in service to others.  I would love to assist you in any way that I can and to be a part of your spiritual journey.  Please contact me at cindyrosano@gmail.com or you may call or text me at 518-428-5937.

With Unbounded Love and Light,

Cynthia Rosano

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