There was something very magical that I felt right away when connecting and talking with Cynthia during my healing session with her and the Divine Mother.  The energies felt very pure and very loving.  At one point I felt warmth spread through my entire chest and it was as if my heart was healing and opening to love again.  Afterward I felt completely refreshed and filled with Joy!  Thank you again Cynthia for your Light & Love. – Ann M.

I have had the opportunity to receive a Divine Mother Healing from Cynthia Rosano and it was a profound experience.  Cynthia is a highly evolved person and a very gentle soul. I was in a fragile state, at the time, but felt completely safe with Cynthia who confidently and masterfully guided our time together and was very clear about the structure of the session.  When I explained my questions and needs, Cynthia responded in a way that showed me I had been truly heard and nothing had been missed.  During the session, I felt peaceful and as if a beautiful and healing energy was filling my being.  Afterwards, I knew there had been a significant shift because I felt more free to contemplate certain steps in my life without fear.  I would definitely try this work again another time. – Dawn D.



Experienced Joy and Peace!  As a spiritual medicine expert and energy healer, one of the best things is experiencing an accurate reading from someone who doesn’t know me and getting positive confirmation on what I already know to be true.  I had a wonderful experience with Cynthia Rosano, who did a soul reading for me.  She read that I had a combination of two extremely high vibrational Souls – here to do important work for the world.  She also confirmed my Lemurian lineage.  I already knew I was an earth angel and starseed, but was curious to see if Cynthia would pick that up during her reading – and she did!  She also confirmed that it was a “merged” soul working compatibly together rather than two separate souls functioning separately.  This was highly unusual and I appreciated Cynthia’s openness and abilities to “read” this.  She downloaded some Seraphim initiation frequencies to me and amplified my feelings of Joy and Peace.  Thank you so much Cynthia for the awesome experience! – Dr. Karen Kan, Founder of TOLPAKAN(TM) Healing and the Academy of Spiritual Medicine



I just wanted to thank you for the class!  Things are so different for me now.  I cannot explain it really, but I see things so differently now.  Clearer.  I am so grateful and amazed at how much I see things from a higher perspective, I wanted to say thank you! – Alorah T.

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