Fear Not in God’s Light

We spread our wings to take open flight and fear not the darkness that surrounds us and challenges us in these current times. We adorn ourselves in God’s Light and in this, we adorn ourselves in the armor of God. We stand tall and we walk in this sacredness, for our bodies are a temple of Truth that reigns in the righteousness of God. We behold the Christ flame burning brightly inside of us as we emerge like a butterfly from a cocoon and spread our Light and Truth throughout the earth and fill all with God’s Light. For in this time of awakening, all will behold the Christ Light and feel God within expressing Truth and Unbounded Love for all. We are a collective consciousness feeling wholeness, as oneness, in the Light of God… Fear not for all who succumb to God’s Truth will be surrounded in the Light of God.

Summer Solstice

We open our hearts to feel beauty and we crave the feeling of wholeness that beauty creates.  On this summer solstice, we celebrate the Eternal Light as we long to see beauty in every expression within us and around us.  Deep within us resides an Eternal Light that blazes forth in beauty expressing itself as Truth.  Enjoy today as you fill yourself with Light on this solstice day knowing beauty within you and seeing beauty all around you.


It is in moments of walking our truth, that we may begin to experience ecstatic joy and to feel the Divine within us and all around us.  We are connected to something that is much greater than our own awareness could ever conceive.  It is within our own experiences through self-reflection, meditation, being in the stillness of nature, that we ignite the flame that is eternally burning inside each one of us.  The hum of harmony begins to spark a recognition of All That Is and it is in this moment that sparks the inner sanctuary of our heart that calls forth more than what we could imagine.  A knowingness that life is truly a gift and in that awareness is knowing that God is in you and you are One.

For in the Oneness I am Whole…  In the Wholeness, I am One…  I am One with God.


Divine Truth

As I write this, I know what it feels like to be in alignment with one’s divine soul purpose… I know what it feels like to start to become who you are meant to be, like a butterfly emerging from a cocoon or a bear emerging from a long winter’s nap… I know what it is like to be fully connected to the Divine, who is my Father and who is my Mother in all ways… It is a transformation that happened within me and this didn’t happen overnight.  At the core of everyone’s beingness is the divine truth of who you are.  It is hidden from you like a present to be unwrapped slowly savoring each unfoldment of paper as you fully experience the gift.  As you begin to notice the synchronicities unfolding in your life, showing you the way to fully realize and embrace your own divine truth, you recognize that you are moving closer to the truth of your own Divine existence.  You do this through prayer, through meditation, and connecting through your heart to the Divine.  You can begin to focus on your heart center and go within, and stay in that space, the divinity within you, ever expanding, connecting to God… Ask to receive God and to be filled with Love and let it permeate every cell within your body… And in the quiet stillness of that moment, there is a sacredness that envelopes you. You may begin to feel or even see or hear your own divine truth.  Embrace what you are experiencing. Even though you may not understand what all of this means yet, remember that it is a transformational process. As you walk in your divine truth of who you are, know that you are in alignment with your divine soul purpose fully connected to God creating Heaven on Earth.


Divine Beauty

Beauty is more than a word, it is a particle of Creation…to do, to make, to feel, to see, to touch and to know.  To enjoy Beauty, one needs to release all expectations of what Beauty feels like. We require Beauty to imagine our World as Whole.  To be a part of this beautiful World, we become a part of Creation known as Beauty.  We transcend our thoughts to higher states of consciousness by allowing our mind/body to regularly feast on Beauty.  We, therefore, begin to know gratitude in ways that were unknown to us before.  We anchor in the reality of Truth that has been hidden to us in the micro/macrocosm of our entire beingness and Universe.  To express ourselves as Truth, we begin to anchor in the Light of All Creation and Beauty Lights up within us and our entire existence.  As thoughts appear within us, we begin to know discernment of Truth and we feel the Beauty within us as Truth.  As we continue to spiral upwards on the long journey home, we know the answers we were searching for were always found in the Beauty within us.


Our Sacred Path

We are all walking our sacred journey of life in the here and now creating the world we live in by what we say, do and think. I am who I am because of the choices I have made and the choices I am making now, by the words that I say or do not say, by the actions that I take or do not take and from karma accumulated from all of my past lifetimes.
Since I have started walking my sacred path, I have heard repeatedly, “Please help bring Heaven to Earth”. By the Divine essence of who we are, we can accept this or not and in making a choice we bring to ourselves what we think about. In my life, I have willingly accepted and choose to believe what I am hearing is Truth. I allow myself to experience Heaven on Earth in all that I feel and in all that I think, say and do. It is in this process that allows me to recognize my inner Truth and why I am here… I Am a being of Light bringing and creating Heaven on Earth.
As I write these words, I feel a recognition of Truth and I am centered in All That Is. As I breathe in, I allow the Truth to fill every cell of my beingness down to the core essence of who I AM.
We can recognize our own inner Truth and listen to our Divine essence as we walk our sacred path.  If we choose to listen to our Divine essence or not, that choice is yours alone to make creating the life you live here and now.

A Reflection on Self-Forgiveness

When we start to realize the potential of our humanness, we begin to spiral inward on a journey of reflection. This may bring up in our thoughts events that may start to replay in our minds, all of the things that should have been, could have been, and even negative emotions that will begin the self-talk of destruction…the unforgiveness of ourselves and others. At this point, some of us will have a pity party of all the wrong choices and decisions that were made and may begin playing the blame game and the spiral of self- destruction will continue.
When we are reflecting on the moments in our lives and the people that we have crossed paths with, that are or have been a part of our lives, and we begin to feel negative emotions around that person or event, realize that this is the moment in our lives where forgiveness begins.  It is a moment in time that was created for each of us to experience so we may have the opportunity to forgive and learn one of the keys to life… the lesson of forgiveness.  To choose this path of forgiveness, one begins the discovery of self-healing and that opens us up to loving ourselves more and more everyday. In the beginning, it can be almost like repeating a mantra…I forgive…I forgive…I forgive…no matter what has happened in the past…I forgive…I choose to forgive…I forgive.
Forgiving others and ourselves is a gift.  We have a choice to make…to live in joy and to forgive or to stay stuck on our journey in life and replay these negative moments again and again.  We all have the ability to move forward with our hopes and dreams and reach our highest potential in choosing the path of forgiveness… The path of Love…

Meditating as One

To quiet your mind is a gift of Love to yourself. When you open yourself to the Universe and travel within, you begin to realize that you are more than a physical body living on earth. There is another reality happening within and you begin to expand your consciousness to receive messages from other dimensions, planets, realms, and from other dimensional beings. Sometimes these messages are seen, almost like watching a movie, other times the messages are heard, as if someone is speaking to you and you are listening. This is what I know as truth for myself when I meditate. The messages are sometimes very similar to other people on the path of enlightenment and other times they are very personal. When I just want to quiet my mind from a stressful or busy day, I open myself to Source, God of the Most High in the Universe and ask to receive Light. I begin to feel a vibrational energy connecting to my heart center and radiating out to my entire body. My crown chakra is open to receive Unbounded Love and Light from God and I am blessed. I have been kissed from the Universe and I am recharged. Meditation is a path to Oneness and fills one with gratitude in knowing that you are One with All That Is.

The Journey

Each and everyone of us, here and now, are on the journey…the journey of our life.  We have many paths, weaving and crisscrossing throughout our lifetime and they are all connected to the choices that we make.  Our roads can be heavy and dark at the lows of our journey and at other times, extremely light and bright at the peaks of our journey.  I have journeyed through both roads and there is always a spot on the road that stops us in our tracks and gives us pause.  A time to reaccess, a time to go within, a time to find clarity, a time to make a choice.  When we reach these moments, accept them fully and immerse yourself in your core essence, your “beingness”, so you are able to move forward on the journey.  When we are in the lows of our journey here on Mother Earth, always remember that this too shall pass.  Everything is temporary.  Only we are responsible for our journey, for our own life experiences, for our destination.  Enjoy and love the journey and greet the many paths and feel all of the emotions.  We are here to learn, to grow and to accomplish more in this lifetime then we ever thought we could.  So go within to find the answers, for you alone know your truth on this journey of life.


I am guided to share the amazing energy of believing in oneself and accomplishing ideas, dreams and visions. If you can dream it…you can achieve it. The vision is the journey of the power of faith. Faith to get you to the next step or belief of what you are truly capable of.  “I am” are two of the most powerful words you can say. What you say after is of the utmost importance and is your truth. It will become your reality, your dream, your vision. I am free… I am Love… I am beauty… I am divine… I am joy. The positive words are endless and I am creating my reality and vision of who I am. I am blessed… I am peace… I am Light.  So as I share this, I am reminding you to stop the negative talk about yourself for you are creating your reality. Believe in the power of your divine truth and know that you and God are One and you are Love!