Soul Reading & Healing (Rendely Method)

As my sacred journey unfolds, I was blessed beyond measure to be able to participate in the first and only workshop with Ruth Rendely, founder of the Seraphim Blueprint, in the fall of 2015 based on her latest book, “Your Multiple Souls, How They Direct Your Creativity, Genius, Complexity, and Moods”.  This book tells the story of Ruth’s journey in finding out about her Multiple Soul Theory and the realization that she was being divinely guided with the help from her Spirit Guide, Babaji, of the Yogananda tradition.  Babaji is referred to as a Mahavatar, or “Great Avatar”.  Avatar means a being that is a direct manifestation of God.  To be able to participate in this Soul Reading & Healing workshop, one first must have the approval of Babaji and it must be in alignment with your own soul’s purpose/mission to do so.  I was blessed to be given that approval and Ruth Rendely taught me and four other people, with the assistance of Babaji, the protocol for doing a Soul Reading & Healing.  This protocol includes removing all negativity from someone’s aura and going even deeper by finding out how many souls a person has and if there is a soul causing depression or a serious illness.  There is much more to a session than what is being stated and also included are checking the chakras, body systems and any allergies.

Ruth Rendely has been doing this healing work for over twenty years and first started to formulate this theory in 1989.  She had waited for over twenty years for someone else to come up with this theory and concur with her and also, for humanity to be able to accept this theory.  She had realized that it is alignment with her soul’s purpose to write about this now and to publish her findings on her Multiple Soul Theory; and she also felt more confident based on her two decades of professional service and personal experience.

I will share that I personally have experienced a Soul Healing and Reading from Ruth  and know that it is truly a gift.  There is a sacredness to this work and I have so much joy and great love to be able to assist and help people in this way.  I have been doing Soul  Readings and Healings helping clients free themselves of depression and emotional and/or physical pain, helping them feel lighter, happier and filled with joy.  It almost feels like an “awakening” for them.

This work is truly a miracle… To be able to help so many people in ways that are unfathomable.  If you have any questions about a Soul Reading & Healing or if are interested in receiving one, please email me at or you may also call or text me at 518-428-5937.  For more information, please visit the website






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