Embracing the Light

During my most recent meditations, I keep hearing repeatedly to fill myself with Light, to surround myself with Light, to be the Light…I am the Light.  I realized that when I envision myself being filled with Light, I am raising my life force energy to a higher vibration and on the path to becoming “enlightened”.  When we can envision the Light coming into our crown chakra and lighting up all of our chakras and filling our entire physical body, we eliminate any darkness within and we begin to release everything and anything that is not for our highest and best.  We “Light up” every cell in our body and we begin to feel lighter, we feel happier and we start to crave beauty all around us.  At that moment, magic happens!  As we continue to feed our beingness with Light, we are also loving ourselves more and more. We can say that Light is Love…connecting us to the Unbounded Love of All That Is.



Raising Your Vibration

As we tune into our thoughts, we begin to realize that we are what we think. The vibration of every thought, every word and every deed ever done are ever so important for each and everyone of us.  We are like a magnet drawing to us more of what our vibration is sending out to the universe.  We become what we say, and do and think…our own energetic imprint.  Whether we know it or not, we are all Creators.  We are creating our life, writing the story of our life and manifesting our life in ways that we may not understand.  This is the power of the Law of Attraction. When we change our thoughts and our words to a more loving and positive vibration, we start creating a a vibrational shift within ourselves and drawing to us more of the same energy.  Abraham Hicks says, “Hold a thought for just 17 seconds and the Law of Attraction kicks in. Hold a thought for 68 seconds and things move; manifestation has begun.”  Pay attention and see how thought matter becomes “matter” and live from pure intent of what truly matters in your life and create your life…the end of the rainbow is truly attainable!







Creating Heaven on Earth

As I breathe in and I breathe out, I keep replaying over and over again in my head the words “Help me to create Heaven on Earth”.  I feel it in my entire beingness these words echoing out in a way that makes me want to stand on the rooftop and shout to everyone for their help.  Please fill yourselves with Divine Love and  shine your Light for everyone.  Ask our Heavenly Father, Creator of All That Is, Source to fill you with Light and then envision the Light filling your entire body, every part of your body, every cell in your body.  As you do this, Love will radiate out from you.  You become Light.  You become Love.  As we shine our Light, we spread Love to all and we become connected.  We become one.  And, as we become one, we create Heaven on Earth. That is my wish for all of us.  So everyday ask and ask and ask…fill me with Light so I am Love.






Unbounded Love

After starting my spiritual journey, the one word that I kept hearing over and over again is the word LOVE. During my initial Reiki sessions, I would see myself loving Mother Earth over and over again and not really understanding why. Slowly, I began to realize that self love is self healing which is also planetary healing. While I was sending love to Mother Earth, I was also sending love to myself more and more everyday. I became aware that when you love yourself and you fill yourself with love, you are also able to truly love others. You start to become a part of the whole and you become one with All That Is. This truly is a gift, the gift of love, for all of us on our journey here on Mother Earth.  As I experienced more and more, I have come to realize that this gift is called Unbounded Love. The Unboundedness you feel when you become One with Our Heavenly Father, Creator, Source, God of the Most High in the Universe and you know that you are more than what you seem.