Divine Truth

As I write this, I know what it feels like to be in alignment with one’s divine soul purpose… I know what it feels like to start to become who you are meant to be, like a butterfly emerging from a cocoon or a bear emerging from a long winter’s nap… I know what it is like to be fully connected to the Divine, who is my Father and who is my Mother in all ways… It is a transformation that happened within me and this didn’t happen overnight.  At the core of everyone’s beingness is the divine truth of who you are.  It is hidden from you like a present to be unwrapped slowly savoring each unfoldment of paper as you fully experience the gift.  As you begin to notice the synchronicities unfolding in your life, showing you the way to fully realize and embrace your own divine truth, you recognize that you are moving closer to the truth of your own Divine existence.  You do this through prayer, through meditation, and connecting through your heart to the Divine.  You can begin to focus on your heart center and go within, and stay in that space, the divinity within you, ever expanding, connecting to God… Ask to receive God and to be filled with Love and let it permeate every cell within your body… And in the quiet stillness of that moment, there is a sacredness that envelopes you. You may begin to feel or even see or hear your own divine truth.  Embrace what you are experiencing. Even though you may not understand what all of this means yet, remember that it is a transformational process. As you walk in your divine truth of who you are, know that you are in alignment with your divine soul purpose fully connected to God creating Heaven on Earth.


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