Divine Beauty

Beauty is more than a word, it is a particle of Creation…to do, to make, to feel, to see, to touch and to know.  To enjoy Beauty, one needs to release all expectations of what Beauty feels like. We require Beauty to imagine our World as Whole.  To be a part of this beautiful World, we become a part of Creation known as Beauty.  We transcend our thoughts to higher states of consciousness by allowing our mind/body to regularly feast on Beauty.  We, therefore, begin to know gratitude in ways that were unknown to us before.  We anchor in the reality of Truth that has been hidden to us in the micro/macrocosm of our entire beingness and Universe.  To express ourselves as Truth, we begin to anchor in the Light of All Creation and Beauty Lights up within us and our entire existence.  As thoughts appear within us, we begin to know discernment of Truth and we feel the Beauty within us as Truth.  As we continue to spiral upwards on the long journey home, we know the answers we were searching for were always found in the Beauty within us.


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