Our Sacred Path

We are all walking our sacred journey of life in the here and now creating the world we live in by what we say, do and think. I am who I am because of the choices I have made and the choices I am making now, by the words that I say or do not say, by the actions that I take or do not take and from karma accumulated from all of my past lifetimes.
Since I have started walking my sacred path, I have heard repeatedly, “Please help bring Heaven to Earth”. By the Divine essence of who we are, we can accept this or not and in making a choice we bring to ourselves what we think about. In my life, I have willingly accepted and choose to believe what I am hearing is Truth. I allow myself to experience Heaven on Earth in all that I feel and in all that I think, say and do. It is in this process that allows me to recognize my inner Truth and why I am here… I Am a being of Light bringing and creating Heaven on Earth.
As I write these words, I feel a recognition of Truth and I am centered in All That Is. As I breathe in, I allow the Truth to fill every cell of my beingness down to the core essence of who I AM.
We can recognize our own inner Truth and listen to our Divine essence as we walk our sacred path.  If we choose to listen to our Divine essence or not, that choice is yours alone to make creating the life you live here and now.

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