A Reflection on Self-Forgiveness

When we start to realize the potential of our humanness, we begin to spiral inward on a journey of reflection. This may bring up in our thoughts events that may start to replay in our minds, all of the things that should have been, could have been, and even negative emotions that will begin the self-talk of destruction…the unforgiveness of ourselves and others. At this point, some of us will have a pity party of all the wrong choices and decisions that were made and may begin playing the blame game and the spiral of self- destruction will continue.
When we are reflecting on the moments in our lives and the people that we have crossed paths with, that are or have been a part of our lives, and we begin to feel negative emotions around that person or event, realize that this is the moment in our lives where forgiveness begins.  It is a moment in time that was created for each of us to experience so we may have the opportunity to forgive and learn one of the keys to life… the lesson of forgiveness.  To choose this path of forgiveness, one begins the discovery of self-healing and that opens us up to loving ourselves more and more everyday. In the beginning, it can be almost like repeating a mantra…I forgive…I forgive…I forgive…no matter what has happened in the past…I forgive…I choose to forgive…I forgive.
Forgiving others and ourselves is a gift.  We have a choice to make…to live in joy and to forgive or to stay stuck on our journey in life and replay these negative moments again and again.  We all have the ability to move forward with our hopes and dreams and reach our highest potential in choosing the path of forgiveness… The path of Love…

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