Meditating as One

To quiet your mind is a gift of Love to yourself. When you open yourself to the Universe and travel within, you begin to realize that you are more than a physical body living on earth. There is another reality happening within and you begin to expand your consciousness to receive messages from other dimensions, planets, realms, and from other dimensional beings. Sometimes these messages are seen, almost like watching a movie, other times the messages are heard, as if someone is speaking to you and you are listening. This is what I know as truth for myself when I meditate. The messages are sometimes very similar to other people on the path of enlightenment and other times they are very personal. When I just want to quiet my mind from a stressful or busy day, I open myself to Source, God of the Most High in the Universe and ask to receive Light. I begin to feel a vibrational energy connecting to my heart center and radiating out to my entire body. My crown chakra is open to receive Unbounded Love and Light from God and I am blessed. I have been kissed from the Universe and I am recharged. Meditation is a path to Oneness and fills one with gratitude in knowing that you are One with All That Is.

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