The Journey

Each and everyone of us, here and now, are on the journey…the journey of our life.  We have many paths, weaving and crisscrossing throughout our lifetime and they are all connected to the choices that we make.  Our roads can be heavy and dark at the lows of our journey and at other times, extremely light and bright at the peaks of our journey.  I have journeyed through both roads and there is always a spot on the road that stops us in our tracks and gives us pause.  A time to reaccess, a time to go within, a time to find clarity, a time to make a choice.  When we reach these moments, accept them fully and immerse yourself in your core essence, your “beingness”, so you are able to move forward on the journey.  When we are in the lows of our journey here on Mother Earth, always remember that this too shall pass.  Everything is temporary.  Only we are responsible for our journey, for our own life experiences, for our destination.  Enjoy and love the journey and greet the many paths and feel all of the emotions.  We are here to learn, to grow and to accomplish more in this lifetime then we ever thought we could.  So go within to find the answers, for you alone know your truth on this journey of life.

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