Embracing the Light

During my most recent meditations, I keep hearing repeatedly to fill myself with Light, to surround myself with Light, to be the Light…I am the Light.  I realized that when I envision myself being filled with Light, I am raising my life force energy to a higher vibration and on the path to becoming “enlightened”.  When we can envision the Light coming into our crown chakra and lighting up all of our chakras and filling our entire physical body, we eliminate any darkness within and we begin to release everything and anything that is not for our highest and best.  We “Light up” every cell in our body and we begin to feel lighter, we feel happier and we start to crave beauty all around us.  At that moment, magic happens!  As we continue to feed our beingness with Light, we are also loving ourselves more and more. We can say that Light is Love…connecting us to the Unbounded Love of All That Is.



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