Unbounded Love

After starting my spiritual journey, the one word that I kept hearing over and over again is the word LOVE. During my initial Reiki sessions, I would see myself loving Mother Earth over and over again and not really understanding why. Slowly, I began to realize that self love is self healing which is also planetary healing. While I was sending love to Mother Earth, I was also sending love to myself more and more everyday. I became aware that when you love yourself and you fill yourself with love, you are also able to truly love others. You start to become a part of the whole and you become one with All That Is. This truly is a gift, the gift of love, for all of us on our journey here on Mother Earth.  As I experienced more and more, I have come to realize that this gift is called Unbounded Love. The Unboundedness you feel when you become One with Our Heavenly Father, Creator, Source, God of the Most High in the Universe and you know that you are more than what you seem.



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